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This charter embodies our commitments towards your private data and privacy and describes the terms and conditions according which we use your private data.

This charter to protecting privacy is part of the general conditions which rule our hotels services. By accepting our conditions, you accept this charter provisions.

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By « personal data » we mean any peace of information collected and saved in a format allowing us to identify yourself personally (whether directly e.g. your name, or indirectly e.g. your phone number) as a physical person. Before giving us this type of information, we suggest you take a close look at the following text describing our protecting privacy policies.

This charter is part of the general conditions ruling our hotels services. By accepting our general conditions, you accept this charter provisions.

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Transparency : While collecting and processing your private data, you will be informed over what use is done of them.


Protection : Your private data collecting and processing are exclusively used for our marketing department. Your data will not be sold to a third party in no instance. We will safely keep your data while the necessary time to the data process in compliance with the law requirements.


Rectification right : access, rectification, opposition : you have the possibility to access, modify, correct or delete your personal data. You can also oppose yourself to the use of your personal data specifically to not receive sales and marketing prospection. In order to do so, an unsubscribe link is always available in our sales communications. You can also contact directly the GDPR department : 


Privacy and safety :  we will put in place reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful alteration or loss or unauthorized use, disclosure or access.

You have the right to refuse the deposit without having to justify your decision. In addition, you can register for free on the BLOCTEL telephone canvassing opposition list (available on to avoid receiving telephone calls from professionals with whom you do not have a contract. in progress. This approach complies with Law No. 2014-344 of March 17, 2014 relating to consumption.



As a Zenitude Group client, you might be asked information about yourself and/or members of your family like :

Collecting information on people under 18 is limited to their name, nationality and date of birth and can only be given by an adult. We ask you to check that your children do not give any personal data without your permission  (especially via Internet). If hypothetically this kind of transmission would happen, you can contact our communication department to make sure these data are deleted.

We do not collect on purpose sensible information such as ethnical origins, political opinions, religious and philosophical beliefs, health details or sexual orientation.



Personal data can be collected for : 

  1. Hotels activities :
    • Room booking ;
    • Registration and payment ;
    • Consumption at the bar or restaurant during the stay ;
    • Demands, claims or litigations
  2. Participation in marketing programs or animations :
    • Contribution to customer satisfaction survey (post-stay satisfaction survey)
    • Online games or contests ;
    • Newsletters subscription in order to receive promotions and offers by email.
  3. Information transmitted by a third part :
    • Tour operators, travel agencies, booking systems by GDS, others, …;
  4. Internet activities :
    • Online collecting form 




We collect your personal data in order to :

  1. Meet our obligations towards our clients.
  2. Manage the rooms booking 
    • Feeling and keeping of legal documents in compliance with the accounting norms ;
  3. Manage your stay at the hotel :
    • Follow up of your consumptions  (phone, bar…)
    • Management of rooms access
    • Internal management of the clients list who had an appropriate behavior while staying at the hotel (aggressions and uncivilized behaviors, non-respect of the hotel contract, non-respect of the safety rules, thefts, deterioration and vandalism or miss following of the rules).
  4. Improve our hotel service, notably :
    • Treatment of your personal data in a client marketing program in order to fulfill marketing operations, brands promotions and to have a better understanding of your needs and wishes ;
    • Adapt our products and services in order to better answer your requests ;
    • Personalize the offers and relational messages addressed to you ;
    • Inform you of the special offers 
  5. Manage our relationship with our customers before, during and after your stay :
    • Customers database qualification ;
    • Segmentation operations based on the booking historic and your travel habits to send targeted communication ;
    • Anticipate future behaviors ;
    • Implementation of statistics and sales scores and set up reporting ;
    • Send you newsletters, promotions and touristic offers
    • Deal with the management of cancellation of a subscription to the newsletters, promotions, touristic offers and customers satisfaction surveys ;
    • Be aware of the opposition right


This charter may evolve and consequently be modified. That is why we invite you to check regularly this charter, especially while booking in one of our hotels.

If you have any question, please contact the communication department at 



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